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A Final Goodbye

Hello readers,
Happy New Year!
I know that in the last post I said that it was the end of the novel study and you're probably wondering “What does he think he’s doing???” Well, I decided (our teacher decided) to do one last wrap-up post.

First off I want to say I think that this book was a great fit for the novel study.  It talked about many important issues such as:
-Global warming
-Genetic modification
-Governments and corruption
-Corporate control
This book fits well into the study.  It also had many different perspectives on the global issues from the different characters as many of them have different backgrounds.  However, if it comes to reading for fun it may be a little bit different.  I would recommend it, as I did like it.  Although I think you have to be a certain type of person to enjoy it.  It can be slow in some parts and is quite long.  It also does have some strong subject matter and can be quite heavy sometimes.

Finally, if I were to …
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Oryx and Crake, I am finally done!

That’s it!  I have finished oryx and crake!  Before I get into this post the last riddle has been added to the book club.  So if you are folowing along you can now get in! As part of finishing this book, I have made a piece of word art about the book.  (Please excuse the low quality, I had export issues)

This art piece may just look like a wall but it is a lot more than that.  To start, the wall is used to symbolize the compound walls and how they divide the country.  This wall is covered in words that describe the compounds, as well as some keywords from them.  The words are put in a font and color that is neat and futuristic.  This describes the futuristic and almost fake presence at the compounds.  Below the wall is the Pleeblands.  They also have words that describe them but they are in graffiti font and multiple colors, as that shows the diversity and the poverty in the pleeblands.  The red background in the pleeblands shows anger, tragedy, and death.  The reason it is halfway in…

Oryx and Crake 4/5 in, Another perspective!

My name is Mary.  I am one of the only people left in the world and have gone through many adventures.  I do not know if anyone will read this book, in fact, I don’t know if anyone that is left can read.  To be truthful things do not look that good here.   I do not know if I will make it much longer and I just want to get this out, so here goes!

I am now 4/5 of the way done my novel.   You may be expecting it now but there is another riddle in the clues section!   That opening was the very begining of a short story I have writen from the perspective of Jimmy's mom in Oryx and Crake.  So enjoy!

**Very important.  This will spoil a lot of the story if you have not read it.  Also reading it will not make sense unless you read the full book.

Mary looks and the pen in her hand the ink has almost dried up now.  She moves towards the windows and takes it all in, the burned-out buildings, crumbling walls and the lack of people altogether, her life's work.  She starts to write:

3/5 in! Oryx and Crake post! l Does Canada do away with the charter?

Hello again!
I have officially read 3/5 into the book Oryx and Crake and I can say I am definitely enjoying it.   Just so you know another riddle is posted in the clues section and I think this one may be a little bit harder.

Oryx and Crake compleatly violoates human rights!  The book takes place in Canada in the future and bellow we are going to look at if it still folows the Charter of Rights and Freedoms!

Now in the compounds and even in the pleeblands, there are still a lot of rights and not many huge violations of rights. Keep in mind that is only in some countries.  In order to write this post, I am going to spend the first part focusing on the differences in rights on the current country that Snowman is in (where there used to be Canada).   Then I will spend the second part looking at the other countries that are in this world and how they respect human rights.  There are many examples of humans rights in this book! To save you some time reading this I am only going to talk ab…

Oryx and Crake 2/5 in! l second post l Surprises!

Hello reader,
Would you be suprised by the fact that in Oryx and Crake the Companies control the world?
Before I keep writing I would like to point out that there is now another question on the clues section.  I would also like to tell you that this post may have some spoilers so be prepared!

I am going to start off with the first thing that completely surprised me about the book.  It was very interesting how there world had been completely separated by the poor and the rich.  The corporate compounds were the only places that were still like our world.  They were a utopia from the harsh realities of the outside world.   The companies are very powerful and are able to to do this but the average person lives and a very different world.  

***Warning some graphic content in the paragraph below***

I was also extremely surprised by the violence in the world.  We know that their culture is entirely different but this was a bit much.  They have turned events like criminal executions into cel…

Oryx and Crake Novel study 1/5 in! l Getting started

So here we are! I have officially finished 1/5 of the novel Oryx and Crake.  Before we dive into this though, you may have noticed a section called book club on my blog.  If you click on the drop down section in the top right you can see a clue section.  I have added a riddle for each 1/5 of the novel.  If you are following along you can get access to the book club page by solving all of the riddles!
Moving on, So far it has been very hard to try to get the setting from the story as it keeps switching between the past and present.   In the present, we are in a post-apocalyptic world.  With the exception of the green-eyed children that were created by Crake (It is unsure if they are genetically modified or actually his kids) snowman is the only literate one from the past world.  As the book says “Snowman can make no such assumptions: he’ll have no future reader, because the Crakers can’t read.  Any reader he can possibly imagine is in the past.”(Atwood, 41).  

Now in the past world, w…

Oryx and Crake Novel study post 1

Hello readers!  It has been a long time since I have posted on this blog, and as you can see I finally gave it a new (and improved :) look!  I am posting again as we are starting a new novel study in our class on books about world issues.  I decided to read the book known as the start of dystopian….

Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood!  I chose the book as it was recommended by our librarian.  She gave a brief description and I knew I would like it!  It sounds like it has a ton of interesting parts.  I am very interested to see how genetic modification is used in this world and what went wrong.  I feel that this book will be great for me as I am very interested in science and genetics.   I have high expectations for this book in terms of content and realistic science so let's see if it lives up to my expectations!  Well, it's time to get back to reading!

Below I have attached a schedule so you can keep up with what I am reading.  Every 75 pages or so I will be posting a blog po…